Autism Behavior Services Inc. is proud to serve the Monterey and Salinas communities with Applied Behavior Analysis.

Applied Behavior Analysis often referred to ABA is one of the most effective medical treatments for Autism. One of the biggest questions ABSI gets asked is “How do I get services near me?” “How do I find an ABA therapy session for my child with Autism?” As a contracted provider for Central California Alliance for Health (managed by Beacon Health Options), Tricare, and most major commercial health plans we can offer services for your family.

Some of those services are: 

  • Applied Behavior Analysis 
  • Social Skills (in a clinical or natural setting) 
  • Functional Behavior skills 
  • Parent Training 
  • IEP Team Support 
  • Specific Client Program Development 
  • Functional Behavior Assessment Consultation  

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Autism Behavior Services provides clinical services that are specifically tailored to meet the vast and unique needs of each individual with a diagnosis of Autism. Whether we are working with toddlers, teens, or adults, our highly trained staff is prepared for any situation that may arise.

Our services include: 

  • 1:1 ABA Therapy Services at Home
  • ABA Services in Our Clinic
  • Social Skills Groups
  • School Support
  • Telehealth Sessions and more!

We provide family training on ABA to parents and guardians so families can incorporate what they’ve learned into their child’s life.

Every Autism Behavior Services therapist is CPR certified and has received their Applied Behavior Analysis Technician certification in California. We believe in high-quality standards to ensure every child receives premiere treatment.

Now when you wonder “Are there any ABA clinics near me?” or “How do I get ABA services for my family?”, you will know with confidence that Autism Behavior Services has you covered. 

Please contact us at 855-581-0100 or fill out the online form to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Whether you’re looking for information on Autism, service providers, or just need ideas for yourself or someone else, we hope to provide you access to whatever information you seek.

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