Autism Behavior Services Inc. (ABSI) is proud to offer Applied Behavior Analysis in picturesque Napa County.

Located just North of bustling San Francisco, this gorgeous area has beautiful green hills, hot air balloon rides, delicious places to eat, music festivals, and over time has retained much of its “old world” charm from its initial founding in 1850. Did you know that Napa brings in nearly 5 million tourists every year? Napa has a rich agriculture industry that specializes in grapes that have become world renown. 


Autism Behavior Services Inc. provides a wide range of services to our clients in Napa County.

We offer many services, including 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis, IEP assistance, and many training and educational opportunities.

Our 1:1 ABA services are offered in diverse settings that include in-home, in the school, the community, and online via telehealth! All Behavior Technicians at ABSI are CPR certified and receive their certification in Applied Behavior Analysis to ensure every client receives premium treatment. 

As a Tricare provider, Autism Behavior Services is proud to serve all active and inactive military families throughout Northern California.

We are in-network with all major insurances and can help you and your family today! 

For more information on how to get a FREE consultation, call us at (855) 581-0100!

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We specialize in high-quality consultation, behavioral, and treatment services. We pride ourselves in our state-of-the-art and evidence-based approach to helping individuals on the autism spectrum. We are here to educate and support so those living with autism can live life to the fullest. Because of how challenging today’s fast-changing society can be, we strive to provide these individuals with a strong support system that will lift them up and be by their side all the way.

Individuals with autism face a lot of challenges and we here at ABSI offer services that can help overcome these challenges. With our high-quality behavioral, treatment, and consultation services, we aim to provide individuals with autism a strong and solid foundation that can support them throughout their lives.

From the start, we have always been working towards providing a service of excellence. We strive to never lose sight of our mission, which is to build trust, rapport, and a love for learning. We are committed and dedicated to helping every child that comes to us. Our goal is to allow them to discover their true selves so that they can enjoy life.

At our Autism Behavior Services, Inc. office in Napa County, we are in need of the best people to work with us. We would like to hire people who can develop and master the skills necessary to provide top-level services. At our Napa County office, our goal is to help individuals with autism realize their unique potential. If we hire high-quality people for our team, we can produce amazing results together.

If you are interested in autism jobs including behavior specialist jobs, behavior analyst jobs, behavior technician jobs, please check out our Careers Portals. Job openings at our Napa County office may include positions for behavior specialist jobs, behavior analyst jobs, behavior technician jobs. Previous experience in autism behavior consultants or autism consultant jobs, babysitter jobs, human development expert jobs, and other positions may help you be successful working in ABA therapy.  Get ready to start your long-term career helping individuals with disabilities with Autism Behavior Services Inc.