Autism Behavior Services

Autism Behavior Services, Inc. serves children of all ages. Our services are provided year round with the exception of major holidays.

Our behavior specialists and behavior intervention staff are guided by a curriculum based on the principles of ABA. We provide services that are delivered one to one in your child’s home, community, or school setting and social group services.

Our autism behavior specialists develop age-appropriate goals that introduce and strengthen adaptive, cognitive, social-emotional, and behavioral skills; while our behavior intervention staff implements those goals day to day. Our objective is to increase behavioral deficits and decrease behavioral excesses.

In addition to building the essential learning to learn skills, our behavior staff also promote language development and play skills. We strive to include activities that extend our students knowledge and understanding of the world, promoting generalization. Our staff further incorporate other research based methods and strategies that have been found to be effective when working with children with autism.

We are also committed to parent education. We offer parent training to help you better understand and support your child’s program and development.

Program Development & Supervision Services

  • Initial Program & Skill Assessment
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)
  • Development of Goals & Objectives
  • IEP attendance
  • School, Home, & Community Observation & Program Supervision
  • Parent Training
  • Supervision of individuals pursuing BCBA & BCaBA certification

Direct Intervention Services

  • School based one to one support, both in the classroom and in the home
  • Home based one to one support
  • Community based one to one support
  • Social Skills Groups